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The Role of Your Logo

A Logo Provides Instant Recognition in the MarketplaceProvides Instant Recognition

When we speak about branding it’s not uncommon for people to mistake their logo as their "brand".

it's By Dezign is dedicated to helping establish a corporate identity starting with developing your company logo.  A logo is only one piece of your branding strategy that provides consumers with instant, powerful recognition of your business and the services or products that you offer. A logo can say many things about your company and create either a negative or positive perception.

Our creative flair will guide you in creating a unique logo or emblem design for use in your print and electronic marketing campaigns.

A Website is a Critical Business Asset

A website is a critical asset to any business ownerGetting started is easy! 

 Ask yourself "why do I need a website?" The answer will help you to focus on solving your business objective. 

One of the biggest problems for people when desiring a web presence is they just don’t know where to start. Like most communications, addressing the problem should be your number one goal as you focus on why you need a website! It may turn out that a small website with basic service and product information is enough for the first phase of the site or that your business needs an ecommerce presence to sell products over the Internet.

Give us a call ... we can help!

Stationery & Communication Packages

Stationery & Communication PackagesLet us sharpen your image!

Communication tools should deliver a consistent brand identity to help increase consumer recognition.

it's By Dezign will develop a custom stationery communications packages suited for your specific line of business. Our packages includes business cards, letterhead, envelopes, notepads, folders, proposals, invoices and various other business documents and forms.

If you thought these things were not worth the investment or didn't matter, you were wrong. Clients and customers, while not always conscious, will make assessments of your company based on your communications packaging that will affect your bottom-line. it's By Dezign will be able to stretch your printing budget with a brand identity package while providing high quality products at very competitive prices. Just call on us.

Corporate Apparel

Branding Through Your EmployeesBranding Through Employees

We offer quality, yet affordable decorated apparel that will not break the bank while enjoying Your Favorite Brands!

Establishing guidelines for the company dress code is another necessary principal in your visual image brand strategy. When interacting with the general public, uniformity of styles, colors and garment are extremely effective for brand recognition. Whether you are a one-person business or have a team of employees, apparel with your company logo is encouraged.

You can choose from a wide variety of embroidered or screen printed shirts, hats, caps, jackets, aprons, bags to create a corporate apparel line. It is much easier to implement a dress code if the clothes are provided by the company or at least uniformed across all employees.

Developing a Brand in the Marketplace

Our dedicated staff will guide you step-by-step through the entire process to create an identifiable trademark that can be applied to your corporate identity. We provide end-to-end graphic designs, marketing materials, website development, promotional products and corporate apparel as tangible deliverables.

it's By Dezign is committed to
"Take Your Vision from Concept to Completion."

The Truth About Branding

it's By Dezign (IBD) understands how critical branding is to establishing or expanding your client base and product share in the marketplace. IBD will create a branding strategy tailored to reach your target audience. Our consulting and professional design services include developing a unique logo design, communications packages, marketing materials, website solutions, printed material and corporate apparel as part of your corporate identity. We will produce dynamic, consistent design solutions across various medias for your company's print and electronic demands for promoting your products or services while adhering to your corporate brand guidelines. it's By Dezign will professionally create powerful marketing, advertising, and business solutions to take your visual image branding to new levels.

Confident branding and a strong branding strategy uses design to communicate a message that grabs the attention of the target audience that you want to attract - a message that creates confidence in your brand while differentiating between you and your competitors.

By combining the benefits of print and electronic media, it's By Dezign will walk you through the process of creating a recognizable theme that will make it easy for people to remember who you are. IBD will use our expertise to execute a brand strategy that will leave lasting impressions and keep your company in front of existing or potential clients, enabling you to boost sales and increase profits. Whether you are creating a new brand, redefining your corporate identity or need help with executing your current brand strategy, IBD is ready to 'Take Your Vision from Concept to Completion'.